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The Future of Direct Mail is Here. Direct Mail as a digitally managed media channel allows you to reach your entire addressable market with the ease and simplicity of setting up custom audience campaigns in social media channels.
Improve your direct mail campaign’s cost per acquisition without doing anything different at all! We digitally pre-sort all of our client's mailing lists for carrier route density discounts. That means the Post Office doesn't have to ship or sort your mail. They can just drop your mail into the letter carrier's bag, saving them loads of time and money!
Our Premiere Acquisition Model. 25 Cents, All In.
  • Custom Audience Data Models
  • Over 500 Million Consumers and Responders
  • Double-Sided Letter
  • Full Color Variable Printing
  • Double Window Envelope
  • Variable Printed Envelope

Current Social Happenings...

Create, launch, and analyze your direct mail campaigns from your personalized US Direct Portal We've created a simple-to-use portal that is integrated with our Mail Scan tracking and schedule software. You can create your direct mail piece, combine it with a PURL landing page and an email blast all within a few minutes.
A few of our powerful products and features...

Customizable Letters

Upload your own custom direct mail creative or choose from our library of creatives that convert for your industry with variable text, colors, and more. LEARN MORE

Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences is one of the most-highly targeted forms of direct marketing available. You can now re-target your customers by using social media platforms to match your records. LEARN MORE

Mail Scans

Mail Scans is the only software of its kind that forecasts delivery scan volumes daily. Get actionable insights into campaign performance within a week of SCF Induction. LEARN MORE

Real Time Analytics

Both our USD portal and Mail Scans provide you with real-time analytics so you can closely track and monitor all of your campaigns with ease. LEARN MORE

Buy Data

Easily purchase data through our USD Portal. US Direct is a nationally recognized list broker with access to every quality mailing list database available for ANY industry. LEARN MORE


Easily combine your direct mail campaign with a PURL Website and Email Campaign to drastically improve your direct marketing response rate all from within our USD Portal. LEARN MORE

PURL Website

We will automatically create a personalized URL for every one of your customers upon uploading your data to help re-market your offer. Personalized = Higher Conversions. LEARN MORE

Email Campaigns

We have integrated an email campaign feature within our USD Portal to help you maximize your response rate with variable text fields, design tools, and more. LEARN MORE

Omni-Channel Marketing

Our Omni-Channel tool helps you effectively re-engage your lapsed customer base with automation and prediction algorithm's. Get the right creative, to the right customer in optimal time. LEARN MORE
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